Give Yourself A Break: Making a Mistake

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cleaning up

The fault is not in getting it wrong…. we all get it wrong sometimes.

Everybody, including me, loves the clip in the trailer from “Pursuit of Happyness” where the father tells the son “If you want something, go get it. period.” But the best part of the the entire scene (and this movie has some great scenes) isn’t even in the clip.

The best moment is when he (the father) realizes that even as he pursues his own dreams he, in the name of protecting his son from disappointment,  implies that his son temper his own dreams a bit.  

 When he realizes what he’s done, he then does the noblest of things: He takes the steps to correct the situation. This is what spawns the great scene that everyone loves in the trailer. Once you have the background you realize this scene is really about him saying ‘Hey, I got that wrong. Let me clean it up’.

Don’t let anyone, not even me, tell you you can’t do something. If you want something, go get it. Period”.

It’s the humility and integrity of that moment that makes it poignant.

The stress in our lives mostly comes from not being at peace with our own actions. Getting it ‘wrong’ and then being unwilling to face the work of cleaning it up or having too much pride (read:fear) to clean it up because we figure we won’t be able to do it well enough or we can’t face the damage  (read:our own actions) or.. [insert your own excuse here].  That is what creates the stress.

The truth is  that we all get it wrong sometimes. It’s okay to own that and then take a step to make it better.. Notice I said take a step. I didn’t say take on your whole life today and fix it all at once.  That would be overwhelming for anyone.

Just  take a single step toward cleaning it up and then. . . . take another. It’s not about trying to ‘catch up’. It’s about being a peace with yourself and how you are choosing each moment to live your life. 

Here’s the clip from The Pursuit of Happyness



Title photo credit:An Adequate Man


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