Life Can Be Messy


At some point in our timeline, most of us gradually begin to take over the molding and shaping of our lives.  Sometimes, however, we believe that by making excuses or blaming others, we can deny that we are in control of certain areas of our life until ‘all issues’ are resolved.

Some reading this post crossed that line of responsibility a long time ago and are just not ready to admit it.  We are afraid to put our hands fully to the work.  Maybe because it just feels so messy.

I tried recently to think of one creative process that we are human beings engage in that wasn’t messy at some level, and I couldn’t think of any.

I invite you to lay claim to that part of your life that could be messy and become a fearless creator and shaper.  See the possibilities and opportunities that exist because you exist and shape yourself into the type of person, father, friend, companion, you want to be.

What happens to clay if it is not worked? It becomes brittle and cracks under heaviness instead of being pliable and adaptable when there is change – and there is always change.


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